iOS: Looking for testers to test background uploading


I’m in the progress of implementing background uploading on iOS. It’s not ready yet, but hopefully soon.

Background support on iOS is very limited/complicated and it’s tricky to get right. It’s very important that uploading is reliable, so I’m looking for testers in our community to help with testing before I release it to everyone.

We will be using TestFlight for testing. You can sign up using this link:

If the link is not working, please PM me what email you want to use.

Thanks in advance!
– Anders


Great Anders, I’m in!


I accept to participate


TestFlight link not working for me, says not accepting any more testers

It seems that Apple changed the link behaviour, so the link will not work until I have an actual build uploaded ready to be tested, which I don’t at the moment. Before the change, you could sign up at any time, with a build or not.

I can add you manually in the meantime though, just PM which email you want me to send the invitation to!

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