iOS: Looking for testers to test background uploading

Sounds weird! None of that code has been changed recently. Were you uploading during capture?

Regarding blurry images with ultra-wide, I’ll do some testing too.

It is indeed weird. No, wasn’t uploading, just capturing some more. I think battery might have been getting low but not sure. Anyway, couldn’t reproduce.

As to the focussing, changing to narrow lens or disabling stabilisation didn’t help, so I’m guessing it’s just the iOS camera stack being unable to focus on time

Is the focusing still broken? If so, can you see if it’s the same in the native camera app?

I am not sure if it’s broken per se, as I remember noticing mapillary struggles to get a clear shot when walking or turning. It’s certainly not an issue specific to the beta, I noticed it before as well that more photos than I expect turn out blurry. It could be to do with subpar lighting or my hand shaking just as the app takes the shot.

The native camera app has the benefit of buffers for live photos, which probably helps.

Testing automatic uploads today, and finding them quite stable for small sequences.
With bigger ones, the need for some sort of status indicator (apart from a sequence being locked) becomes more apparent.
It may also be useful to have a per-Mb defined upload limit for mobile data, although doesn’t matter as much

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Thanks for testing! I’ll forward the UI/UX feedback.

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The “Uploading has finished” notification seems to only have the title (as opposed to the starting notification, which has “Background uploading” as the title and then the text of the notif), but not bothering me.

Not seeing a new topic, so will post feedback on the latest (Swift) beta here.

Can’t actually comment much on the new camera, as it blurs the viewfinder and tells me to use landscape - that is despite the phone being in landscape. I see that it’s related to the system wide rotation lock - although the app’s horizon level registers the correct orientation, the capture block doesn’t

Thanks for testing! Ah, good catch. I didn’t try with rotation lock! I’ll look into it and use manual detection instead of relying on the system.

I’ll create a new thread for the new camera.

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I have taken mapillary app beta for iOS to test. But the camera doesn’t works. (See print).

I’m using iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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@jaderbavaresco Thanks for testing! It’s most likely because you have rotation lock enabled. I have made a fix for that, and a few other things, and will submit the update today to production.

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Yap, I unlocked the rotation and it works well. Thanks. I keep continuous testing…
Enjoying the moment, I want to tell about the small map when we’re mapping. Maybe we can give the option to lock the north orientation. I feel is more effective to orientation when driving…

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll forward it to our designer and product manager.

Hi, Where is the configuration of capturing in new IOS app? I can’t configure time-lapse or capture moment.

In old app we have a config in capture screen.

Hi @jaderbavaresco! We are looking into slimming down settings, so we are looking for feedback! What are you missing, and why?

I would like to configure the amount of photos taken every meter or time. Where is this setting in this new version?

Currently it’s fixed at 3 meters, and every 10 degrees of rotation. When do you feel that this value is not correct?

I would prefer to configure my self time. Because we have a limitation space in mobile phone. For exemple: I wanna take a lot photos a in day, in places where I don’t have internet, normally in routes outside of the cities. In this case I wanna take a pic each 30meters.

I signed out and tested the login. The experience wasn’t great.

On the email/password screen, my iPhone 12 Pro Max didn’t realise it was a username/password situation, and just suggested my regular Username (not email).

I had to manually put in my email and then go into settings, and dig out my password that’s saved by iCloud Keychain.

Contrast that to logging in to this forum, where I didn’t have to do anything other than press one button and authenticate with my face.

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Thanks for testing! I appreciate the feedback and I’ll look into how that auto-fill stuff works!


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