Insta360 one X3 upload

it might be helpful if someone could record the steps in a youtube tutorial. or what are the chances that you can upload it with the mapillary uploader in the future?


great question.

@noelhidalgo Have you seen this thread? External GPX support for videos in mapillary_tools 0.11.0b2

We’re bringing Insta One X3 support on Mapillary DU pretty soon.

Hi all, new Mapillary Desktop Uploader beta version (4.1.0) is ready for testing. This version brings support for uploading videos with separate GPX files. It will pick up GPX files that are in the folder with the video and have the same file name. You will be able to see the route on the map before upload.

You can download the latest beta version for Windows, Mac & Linux.

Thanks for testing and sharing your feedback!


It doesn’t seem to work.


Location of the files shown here too.

It is also noticeably slower to launch the uploader than before.

Can you check the logs (under Help → Logs) to see if there are any exceptions there? If processing failed there should be at least some errors in the UI so maybe the process crashed.

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Thanks for the info! This issue should be fixed in 4.1.1-beta which is out now.

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Hey, just tried with my own X3, it doesn’t work either.

Debug log:

[2023-09-23 16:50:18.531] [debug] [mapillary:tools] 2023-09-23 16:50:18,530 - DEBUG   - Validating 1 metadatas
[2023-09-23 16:50:18.708] [debug] [mapillary:tools] 2023-09-23 16:50:18,708 - INFO    - Checking upload status for 1 metadatas
[2023-09-23 16:50:18.711] [debug] [mapillary:tools] 2023-09-23 16:50:18,710 - INFO    - Check the description file for details: C:\Users\Hoang\AppData\Local\Temp\mapillary_image_description.json
[2023-09-23 16:50:18.711] [debug] [mapillary:tools] 2023-09-23 16:50:18,710 - INFO    -        1 video(s) read in total
[2023-09-23 16:50:18.712] [debug] [mapillary:tools] 2023-09-23 16:50:18,710 - WARNING - 	        1 video(s) skipped due to MapillaryVideoGPSNotFoundError
[2023-09-23 16:50:18.855] [debug] [mapillary:tools] process exit code 0 and signal null

The files I used are in this link (the link will invalidate in 7 days; password is “hello_mapillary”).

I used Insta360 Studio 4.8.10 to generate the mp4 and the gpx files, with the default export settings (but I checked the “export gpx files” of course). I double-checked what the gpx file looked like: it look fine.

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Did you make sure to use the 4.1.1 beta version?

I’m using 4.1.2-beta. I don’t think 4.1.1 is available anymore anyway ?



I got the same issue.

Thanks for the feedback! We’re working on some bug fixes so GPX support will be enabled on all OSs in the next beta update.


Thanks ! I’m looking forward to see some updates.

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