Help with 360 recordings

first of all sorry for my bad school english. :roll_eyes:

now to my problem. i have an insta 360 one with the gps smart remote. so the *.insv shots have a gps track. i already managed to get a *.gpx from the *.insv. since i’m too stupid to upload a *.mp4 with the help of the command line tools, my thought was to make many *.jpg from the *.mp4 and upload them with the help of the desktop uploader. and here we come to my problem. how do i get the gps data into the photos? or how do i get the individual pictures to match the *.gpx? they get the date and time of creation. so it can’t match the *.gpx. i can’t edit each picture individually, especially since i can’t know the time of the individual pictures. is there a simple way that even an idiot like me can understand? that doesn’t take hours.
why does it have to be so complicated? if insta360studio could export the gps signal into the *.mp4, it would be much easier. they don’t seem to want to.

Hi @googie,
You can improve that bad school English of yours by using a capital character at the start of a sentence.
I do not know Insta360 workflows in detail, but if you have a Google Street View compatible .mp4 file with CaMM track, then use Dean Zwikel’s GSV2JPG to get tagged images that you can upload to Mapillary with the desktop uploader. It is what I use with my Labpano Pilot cameras.
GSV2JPG - Google Drive
If you just want a .gpx file from the .insv file, then use his INSV2GPX of the UL2GSV toolset.
UL2GSV - Google Drive
When using the links you will be presented a dialogue to request access.
You can also contact Dean on Facebook Messenger. He may be able to help with an easier workflow from Insta cameras.

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Hi @googie, what OS do you use on your computer? I currently have a workflow on MacOS for GoPro Max 360-videos similar to what you are looking to do with Insta360.

@kartmann i use windows but i also own a mac