Incorrect position - how to correct rapidly?

Hi all !

I’m new to this community. I recently acquired a Sony action cam with GPS capabilities. However, position of the pictures is not always as accurate as wanted due to difficult terrain configuration. So, I end with part of the picture well positioned and part of the picture not well positioned. In the area where I work I have access to very precise reference data, so I want to correct position of the pictures based on this reference data.
I’ve made some test with JOSM and photo_adjust and photogeotagging plugin and I’m able to move the pictures to the right position. However, I have to do it one by one, which takes too long.
My question is : is there a tool that would allow me to select a group of pictures and move it all together to the right position. I would like this tool to be able to load WMS and/OR OSM data as it is my reference data ?

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Only possible if they all have the same offset ( x meters) in one direction. Otherwise you have to move them manually

I came up with some tricks to make moving the photo’s in JOSM faster. I’ve described them in this forum post. It’s in no way the ultimate solution, but it saves me a lot of time if I decide to manually improve the lat/long data.

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I did not know that.

Thanks de_vries for pointing me towards your forum post. I’ve tried your method and it speeds up the process a bit !

I do not find it, I doubt it.