Correcting angle and location - SfM

Dear @mapillary,

The Structure from motion feature has come a long way since it first surfaced some months ago; although still found one pic to niggle (confession : deliberately picked these spots to help you and SfM fine-tune) :

Mapillary camera was looking to the right / west yet SfM detected looking the other way;

But that was the single in six trial images, the rest :
Mapillary got it nailed!!
(as do Mapillary and Mapillary : that’s great news, as you now get some bonus views where I looked sideways into a sidestreet.

At Mapillary SfM didn’t get distracted by GoPro’s version of the ‘Echternach Procession’ : two steps forward, one back :slight_smile:

Ditto Mapillary and Mapillary - although on that occasion I cycled on the cycleway rather than the tram tracks : would you be able to contribute info from image analysis to SfM to help correct the location?

Which leaves Mapillary : the photo clearly shows the camera close to the traffic lights, yet this is one of a few in an otherwise correctly placed sequence where the relocation model sent a few pics astray.

That’s my collection of ‘great detections’ and ‘could do better’ for now,

with best regards,

In my experience Mapillary seems to sometimes prefer (incorrect) compass/heading values instead of (if it’s available?) SfM data. Sometimes SfM also overrides my (more precise) manual heading corrections,…