If I contribute with 360-degrees pictures, are normal pics with phone still preferred?

I am just curious, if I contribute with 360-degrees pictures only, are pics made by phone (on the same roads) still prefered? Is Mapillary using the information of 360-degree pictures fully to create their 3D representation of the world or do they still prefer ‘normal’ phone or action cam pictures. Because I don’t know the algorithms of their software, and if 360-degree pictures are used at this moment also in their main goal.

So essentially:
-does mapillary likes to have contributers to upload 360 pictures? Or do they prefer to have users go 4 times up and down street to cover all directions on a conventional manner because the software is prepared for this approach only?

I’d say both are good, because 360-deg pics quality tend to be really bad in comparison with good action cam shots.

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yes, I know, more pictures is better. But in case you have to choose (only 1 good mobile phone available during a trip):

  • use it to take to take pictures in one direction with good resolution; or
  • use it to remote control a 360 cam and get 360 pictures with medium quality resolution

what would you choose? Think it depends how mapillary uses the images.

3d modelling works much better with 360 pictures, så they are preferable

I agree with @Nighto: Do both if possible. Some times the low res 360 pictures are preferable, but if you need more resolution a normal picture is better - if it points in the right way.

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Instead of having to walk twice or more, per distance, stick a 360cam on a monopod attached to a rucksack, and monitor it using one phone that you put in a pocket once it’s turned on.
Then you can share its internet connection with an old phone that you use to take the “flat” pictures. Then you don’t need more than one dataplan.

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