How to start with OpenSfM

Dear Support Service and All,

Please advise how to start with OpenSfM in practice?

I presume, an open imagery project is needed. In its turn, the project opening, as far as I read, requires Shape creation. However, the latter does not work for me - after the Shape was created two sections below - Imagery and Map Data - show a sort of hourglass perpetual and nothing more appears. Eventually I’ve not succeeded to open a project.

Further, an old comment (of 2016 - How to create a project?) says that Project is a commercial product. So addressing to the sales department is needed. Though I’ve not succeeded to find mentioning of that in Mapillary documentation. Nevertheless I did that. Now waiting…

So, your explanation would be utterly helpful.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @oleghbond,

Capture Projects is a toolset for organizations that want to collect fresh street-level imagery and map data in an area. It’s free of charge and no cost for using capture project tool.

Here you can read more details about capture project:

Thanks for your response. I red this instruction, however, it a bit differs from actual interface and eventually does not work.


  1. In organisation dashboard I select Imagery capture
  2. It warns me " Before you can add a project, you need to enable organization imagery and set up a shape."
  3. In Organisation Imagery I see no control to enable imagery, just a record saying that 0 images were uploaded.
  4. Then I tried to set up a shape: Menu Shapes, pressed button Create shape, chose the area of interest (our University campus), pressed menu Draw, pressed button Draw polygon, made a polygon, pressed button Finish drawing and … then nothing happened.
  5. After waiting for a while left the page. When I return to Shapes there is no list of shapes.

That’s all what I succeeded.

I would be grateful for your further instructions how to proceed.

@oleghbond First of all, thanks for your feedback on Help Center, please can you highlight which part of Help Center is not consistent with actual interface. It would be helpful if you can email these issues to

  1. Please enable public imagery and create a new shape. I’ve tested creating a shape works on my end. Please make sure that once you finish drawing and click Finished button on the right bottom of the screen. API may be slow when you were creating it therefore your shape might not be created successfully.

  2. You will need to request moving your imagery from your individual account to your organization account if you want to see all images under organization. Please also make sure to upload new images to organization profile.

Unfortunately I could not insert a screenshot from the scene (Access denied). So, please look a shared picture

The end point I reached is the following: I draw the polygon at the map (you can see it on the map in blue) after “Finish drawing” was pressed. After that the button title was changed to “Draw ploygon”. No mentioning of new shape is appeared. If I leave that scene there is not any mentioning of a new shape as well. When I return to the scene, the blue polygon has gone. That’s it.

Regarding your instruction

as I described this earlier:

Regarding your instruction

Please advice how can I do this. I do not see a proper control for this.

Thanks for your efforts.

Regarding your question

Left sidebar menu from Help center article Organization imagery differs from the similar sidebar view in another article Capture Project.


perhaps I already passed this phase. I simply could not remind this.