Hanging sequence

I have a sequence dated March 17, 2024 that is still waiting to be processed, while many other more recent sequences have already been completed.
In addition, the system is reporting to me a pending sequence from March 15, 2024, but in fact all of those from March 15 have already been processed.

What can I do?


Thanks for the report @canfe. @adalvit do you have any clues?

Br, Yaro

@canfe it looks like it fixed itself. I also checked the internal status and all looks good :+1:

Saluti al Piemonte!

Thank you! I cleared the cache and the problem is gone.
However, I had a new problem: using Mapillary Uploader the orientation of the images does not “follow” the next one using Interpolate directions

@nikola can you chip in?

I can upload the images, but they are not well oriented.
What do you mean exactly?

Can you share a screenshot? Usually, it’s a result of images not being ordered as expected (can be due
to, for example, image timestamps). I think it’s still OK to upload, as the corrected compass angle will be calculated during processing.