GoPro Hero 5 Black - image sequence problems

I reported the following to support:

I recorded a few miles of images using a GoPro Hero 5 Black, recording as a timelapse photo sequence at 0.5 seconds between images (2 images/second). The resulting sequence (sequence key nUWICLNPuBzFJbdxT8sOjo) has many images out of order. I believe it is because the time resolution of EXIF is only one second, so many images have the same timestamp as the adjacent image. The Hero 5 Black apparently does not record the subsecond information in the EXIF data. The algorithm should be to place the images in filename sequence if the timestamps of adjacent images are the same. I believe that would resolve, at least in most cases, the problem of images being placed in the sequence out of order.


Curious if what you are seeing is the same as I noted here…

If so I also reported it. Same setup etc. that you describe.

I my case the images appear on the map in the correct order and the connecting lines between points are correct. The problem is stepping through the sequence. I get what I called a 2 steps forward, 1 step backwards effect. The effect only occurs with the reverse, play, forward controls at the top of the screen. Stepping through with the controls overlaid at the bottom of the image seems to work correctly.

A reply in my thread noted similar behavior (sequence taken with a Garmin Virb XE). In that case you could see it in the connecting lines (zig-zagging backwards) between images.

Support contacted me back on this… Last word I got from them was that they were passing in on to their engineering team so that they could examine the issue.

You may want to share a link to the starting image in your sequence (see the sharing icon overlaid on the side of image display) instead of sharing the sequence key. I don’t see an easy way to bring up a sequence with the key. If there is an easy way, let me know.

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Hi, TSquared. Yes, it looks the same as your report. I thought support might be able to use the sequence key. I’m fairly new to Mapillary, and didn’t catch the share option. Thanks.

Here is the link to the first image: Mapillary

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Yup. Behaves exactly as it does for my sequences. The images appear to be mapped in the proper sequence, but the rev/play/fwd tool at the top doesn’t handle them correctly. Stepping through with the overlayed arrows at the bottom of the images seems to work. However, the “Play” button is pretty handy. I’d like to see that get fixed.