Global #CompletetheMap III


It is sad that a developer has to work on this as there are better things to do.


Thanks! :slight_smile:


I have nominated Oristano (Sardegna) in Italy some days ago or maybe a week, but don’t see it in the list yet. Can you check? Thank you!


@damjang let’s check again in a few hours. It should generate shortly.


Hm… I can’t see Italy in the list yet.


Also the same problem over here with the UK not showing


San Luis Potosi shot up the list, but the map seems to be linking to Tours, artificially inflating a lot of scores.


@pkoby i’m sure I don’t make 385 km with m’y bike :wink: They are a bug.

They are another problem, wy the contribution in Zalaegerszeg and Szentendre have the bonus for 12 mappers like in Budapest with only 1 contributor


Hmm strange. I can see it here and on the list. Can you try doing a hard refresh Ctrl + F5 on Windows | Cmd + Shift + R on Mac.


Sounds like the same issue as @damjang. I can see Hungerford here and on the list. Can you try doing a hard refresh Ctrl + F5 on Windows | Cmd + Shift + R on Mac.

Your progress is impressive!


I’m not sure what you are referring to. These areas are not receiving any bonus for participants as there is only one contributor in each area.


Thank you. Now I see it also without forcing refresh. Yesterday there was 51 task, today 61 :slight_smile:


All teamwork UK and pictures have a 12 user bonus from Budapest but most of them are made in Szentendre


That’s true! Some rough calculations if the numbers in the actual maps are right are that Teamwork has 242 points or so from Szentendre ((28km+192583/1000)*1.1) and about 165 from Budapest ((8+66930/1000)*2.2). That’s 407, not 650…

Same deal with Westbam. He should get about 380 points if every area is calculated individually, but he’s got 552.

I think Monsieura’s points are accurate, because there is only one grid in Tours. But these people with multiple grids to choose from shouldn’t be getting participant bonuses for the ones with no other participants.

@eneerhut Like Monsieura mentioned, it seems like if someone contributes to more than one grid, the highest participant score from any grid applies to all their points. So someone could have 100000 photos alone in one grid, but take one photo in a grid with 12 people and more than double their score. This doesn’t seem correct.


This participant multiplier shouldn’t exist in any form.


Ah I see what you mean now.

Yes the multiplier applies to the total score for that contributor rather than the score for the particular area.

Let us consider this and see what can be done without changing the rules that were outlined before the challenge began. The participant score will be reviewed and likely removed for future challenges, but it is not fair to adjust now.


Emphasis mine. I think I and at least @monsieura read that as each grid being treated separately. Otherwise, if you live near a participant-heavy city, you could pop in and poach their collaboration effort for your score (I’ve been thinking of visiting Tours… :smile:).


Yes it is definitely a flaw in the way scoring was calculated and not something we envisaged as an issue.


I’m a bit disapointed, on Tours we spend Time
to make documentation
To make some meeting to explain mapillary

We Share camera and UKM

But even if the score is not clear we take some good Time in this challenge.

@pkoby you are welcome in Tours, we have wine ans beer but I’m not sure you found a lot UKM :wink:


That’s pretty impressive! Nice collaboration. I guess it’s easier figuring out what to map being alone, but working with others would be fun.