Giroptic iO : replaces the 360cam


I asked Giroptic on Facebook, their 360cam is discontinuated and replaced by the Giroptic iO. It plugs on an iPhone.

What do you think about it ?


The good

  • Works with Android too.
  • Very small.
  • It is the way to go. My phone contains a pretty powerfull computer with specialized graphics hardware. Why should I pay for someone to make all that again to put into a camera I hardly ever use?

The bad

  • Still picture resolution of 3840 x 1920 or around 8 mega pixels is
    years behind. The Xiaomi does 21 mega pixels. Price is way too high.
  • Even if it had 20+ mega pixels, the price is closer to a standalone
    Ricoh device, when they should be able to use the hardware of the phone.
  • Only compatible with a limited number of devices. E.g. it suports LG G3, G4, not my G5, LG V20. It may do so, but it is not on the list.
  • Very impractical to put on a monopod
  • You cannot use your phone while you take a sequence.

The unknown
Can it take pictures in intervals and how many seconds are there between each? 8, 5, 2 1 sec?

I think their goal is to make a 360 camera that makes it easy to post to social media. Not to utilize the phones hardware or power to lower the price on the camera itself. The Xiaomi is a hard competitor and with a new Ricoh comming up this is not one I will be looking more at.

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Easy to post to social networks.

Thank you ! I’m going to start a more generic new thread … “360° cameras with GPS ?”

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