Ricoh Theta Z1 coming


Would you be willing to pay 1,000 currency units for a 1’ sensor and 19gb of memory?
I know everybody praises Thetas for colours and dynamic range, but details on these 2 20mp sensors look rather poor, and there is presumably still no gps.

Interval shooting starts at 2s

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$1000 is a lot. I got the Xiaomi MiSphere, which has pretty much the same specs and it actually produces really great images if you stitch them using the Android app Misphere Converter. The app is quite expensive ($20) but it gives pretty much flawless stitch of both jpg and DNG images. So if you are willing to do the external conversion, you can get the same functionality a lot cheaper.


It really seems not to be suitable for vehicle based street view shooting for two reasons; fixed-only memory and no shorter than 2 second interval. However, Z1 will be very interesting device for facility management / construction site monitoring on foot. Ultracker Aleta S2C still seems more suitable (and interesting feature wise) for Mapillary use in similar price Range.


@tryl I know that many in the community consider the mi sphere a good device, but it just isn’t comparable to 1’ sensor from a reputable camera manufacturer. Then again, the sphere is more suitable for Mapillary
@kino yes, my thoughts as well, same again as with other Thetas, although the hardware probably supports <2s, since they promise live-streaming.
I wasn’t impressed with the level of detail from the Aleta for something with that many sensors


@4004 There is no doubt that the Theta is a better camera. I used a Theta S until it broke. But with some more work (shoot in raw, post processing and stitching in MiSphere Converter) you can get an image that should be very close in quality. Just for a fraction of the price. But you can also buy other camera that are far superior to a Theta, just even more expensive.
I am in no doubt that the Theta is better. But it is very pricy.
(edit: I had a Theta S and not a Theta V)


@4004 Last week, I tested z1 at an exhibition.
The shooting interval is 6 seconds(minimum).


this is quite sad - beta firmware I’m guessing?


i asked over at ricoh forums, and it’s pretty much confirmed this doesn’t have internal gps. for the price of 2 fusions, really hard pressed to see why you’d want this for mapillary