Ricoh Theta V - a huge disappointment


The full specs are out for Ricoh Theta V and they are a huge disappointment:

Image resolution matters a lot to us, so here is a comparison between the S (former flagship) and V:

S: 5376 x 2688
V: 5376×2688

Yes. Except for the difference in formatting (I actually copy pasted from two different spec sheets), they are exactly the same. A lot has improoved in the video side, image processing and the V runs Android so developers should be able to create applications. But for still images, there is no good reason to upgrade.


Pixel count doesn’t say everything about image quality, maybe there are other changes that do influence the quality?

How is the Theta V image quality compared to other 360 cameras?


I have not been able to find examples of the same image taken with both of them.

My experience from regular cameras is, that the upgrade of sensor and lens probably gives a little bit better image, but not something huge.

I found this: which comapres the Theta V to another simmilar priced camera. The Theta V pictures looks a lot like one from Theta S, but the extra resolution is clearly visible on the Insta360.

Resolution is still the greatest challenge for most 360 cameras so in this time where everybody goes 20+ mega picels on stills, I find it very odd to stick witth this. Perhaps their images could not get any better with the optics they have? They have spend a lot of time on the video and the poserbility to make apps.

But if they did a full res image every 1 second, it would be something else. I have not seen any numbers on the intervalometer.


On the official site is says:

"Interval shooting

The minimum shooting interval is 4 seconds. This enables a greater range of use when creating time lapse videos."

Not that great.

I would be interested in the improved tilt correction while moving, the theta s was quite unsatisfactory unless the camera was held still.


About tilt correction site now says:

This model is equipped with a new gyro sensor in addition to the conventional acceleration sensor. Tilt detection precision has been significantly improved, along with top/bottom correction precision enhancements and the ability for Remote Playback.


Although the theta does not have a micro SD slot, it contains a micro SD card as internal memory! Also notice the battery is replacable.


Same as theta m15. Original 4GB card replaced with 8GB :slight_smile:

  • replaced battery with “fake” internal battery and 18650 external (easy replaceable)