Garmin VIRB images fail to upload

I have previously uploaded many sequences from my Garmin VIRB camera, but I am struggling with my latest pictures. The upload appears to start normally, but then the image icons turn red and I get the following error message. Can anyone tell me what is going wrong?

@Hobgoblin have you shared this issue with It’s definitely something we need to investigate.

I’ve been uploading loads of Garmin Virb images myself (some as late as yesterday) and I’ve never seen any fail like that.
I do have an idea about what could be happening here though (see Borked westbound Garmin Virb image directions). Maybe the website now checks whether the direction value is between 0-360 and rejects images which fail that check?

Thanks for the suggestions. I tried a few things and I think I have found a reason for my difficulties. If I use Google Chrome instead of Firefox, the upload works. I have the NoScript add-on installed in Firefox, so maybe that was stopping the upload?