Find any trip with more than specific number of photos

Is there a way to get the ID of a trip with more than n photos, -say- 1000 photos? I want to test how a pipeline would behave when I import trips with a relatively large number of photos. I know I could look for the “longest green dotted line” on, but it seems to me that most of them stop at around 500, give it or take (also, the process of manually searching for trips is a bit tedious, I’d say; so I thought I’d ask here if there’s another way). I am pretty sure there are trips with such large numbers of photos, but if otherwise, please do tell me. The region of interest would be US, but I’d say any other region would be fine for the moment.

You should look for older uploads, before June 2021. Since the transition to the facebook infrastructure it seems that most or all uploading apps are now limited to a max of 500 images per sequence, as you already observed. Before it was easily possible to have sequences with many more images.

Here’s an example of mine with 1220 images, though it’s not located in the US:


… and this one has more than 3600 images: Mapillary

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@eserte Thank you very much for both your answers! Very helpful for my scenario. Have a good one!