Filter by images taken with automobiles only

Hello, is it possible to filter Mapillary imagery to only download images taken from automobiles? I am interested in calculating the distance between the camera (cars capturing the images) and the bikes captured in the images. So I don’t want the images taken by pedestrians or cyclists. Thank you!

It’s not possible by any parameter, as same kind of cameras can be used on both cars and bikes. You can calculate speed by distance and time between images and use that to classify each sequence. Anything moving faster than 50 km/h is most likely a car, although there are some people capturing with motorcycles.
In the old API there was image segmentation, which IIRC included car dashboards. That would be the best option, if it’s still possible.

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Thanks for your response. That sounds like a good plan. I’m new to using the Mapillary API, and I couldn’t figure out what Image Field to use for this case. What would you suggest to use here? Mapillary

I don’t think it’s possible to do this with the new v4 API. You might have the most luck manually making a list of non-car uploaders and filtering them out. MapillaryJS apparently does have a way to filter by user