Feature request: Text recognition

Last year we got to know that Amazon was using Mapillary to improve parking information in the US reading traffic sign texts, via Amazon Rekognition. Here is the article.

I think this idea would be very useful to extract any other kind of information. I’m thinking about direction signs, town, street and shop names, door numbers, speed limits or any other kind of text on a billboard. Saving detected texts in tags and making them searchable would be very useful for many mapping tasks.

I downloaded some pictures and try them with Amazon Rekognition. The results are very promising.

Does Mapillary have any plan to extract text data and make it available?


This would be really nice to have, also for example for finding all departments of a store, so they can be put into OpenStreetMap.


Yes, this is exactly what we are hoping for. Already Mapillary Map Data/Traffic Signs finds street signs, just identifies and leaves label blank. In iD editor, same object has the general directions label. Looks very close to AI finding place names, street numbers and street names. God bless Mapillary and her phenomenal community