Experience with prepaid phones

I’m curious if anyone has tried out using some of the cheaper Android prepaid smart phones for Mapillary. I saw a sub-$75 LG prepaid phone that was on clearance at a local store and wasn’t sure whether I should expect decent GPS and photo quality with it or not. Since the price is right, I could easily set up a 360 degree camera for less than $50.

It really depends on the phone itself but it’s definitely possible. We have had good results with the Motorola E and some second hand HTC Vivid’s. There are probably better phones at there at that price. As you say, the main thing is decent GPS and the camera with compass a concern on some cheap samples we ordered from China.

Just seconding @travel193 . A device being prepaid or not doesn’t have anything to do with it being sufficiently good for mapillarying or not.

That said, it’d be great to have experiences shared on various types of devices. I had a chance to hike 3 days in a rain forest two weeks ago with an indigenous group that has a need to document illegal tree cutting and farming in their territory. They’d need lowest possible priced reasonable quality waterproof phone. My web searching & reading conclusion is that Sony Xperia M4 Aqua would seem be be great for them, even though it might be clearly too expensive ($220 or so in the US). Lower cost devices would be great, possible a good waterproof/rugged case would do the trick for the water/moisture part.

Anyways, recommendations to various sets of needs would be great to have shared.

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