Error when bbox is a variable

I am trying to get all traffic signs and points along a route. I have tried using “map_features_in_geojson”, which gave me an error, so I am trying another approach.

I have created a number of bbox around the route and my plan was to loop through them and use the “traffic_signs_in_bbox” and “map_feature_points_in_bbox” functions".

This works: traffic_signs_in_bbox({‘west’: 8.12408, ‘south’: 43.99948, ‘east’: 8.17408, ‘north’: 44.04948}).

But this doesn’t work:

bbox = {‘west’: 8.12408, ‘south’: 43.99948, ‘east’: 8.17408, ‘north’: 44.04948}

And this is problematic, as I cannot loop through my bboxes. Error below.

I hope you can help, thanks!