Drone capabilities

I’m using Mapillary to display 360 and still imagery to share coastal information. Shot from a boat named Wilbur, I’m covering the eastern shore of Vancouver Island under contract with the Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF). There is a short video on that work here: https://youtu.be/ggeZlhSp9hQ?si=vPsKX7nLnP5B0RLU

Now the PSF wants me to use my DJI Mini 3 drone to shoot imagery over eelgrass beds. Is there a technique to capture video, embed GPS data, then process into stills for uploading to Mapillary?

In general terms any video and synced GPs data can be used to create tagged/georeferenced images that can be uploaded to Mapillary. Historically there have been some video formats that have problems, but they tend to be resolved by co-operation with the devs.

Some video formats have an embedded GPS stream. Otherwise a GPS track in nmea or gpx format can be used. It may be as simple as using the “mapillary_tools” or “Desktop Uploader”.

You may wish to discuss though the use of “non” street imagery. Mapillary was kind of started up with that in mind and does 3D object recognition based on a moving viewpoint. I don’t know where things are currently just providing scenery views.

AFAIK “ffmpeg” is used to “convert” a video to frames, so that is easy to test on the drone data. The drone may of course be able to create individual georeferenced images instead.

This group has a number of people that can help you with the process if you get lost…