Driving the backroads

Took advantage of a back road that is sometimes closed to vehicles and found it opened in Blakeley, AL, US…


Thanks. I didn’t realize I drove by the ghostown that could’ve become a major port but didn’t quite pull it off.

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This is one of these summer roads here in the area.



More Back Roads

Fictenburg road

From Hill Top Silo


@natfoot awesome landscape! Do I get it right that you’ve been holding the camera in your hand in the car? We’d be happy to send you a windshield mount :slight_smile:

I’m running out of unmapped roads within a day’s drive from home. More and more I look for the small back roads.
I hope someday to learn how to post a link and maybe to even know how to make one road into a sequence.

I was driving through the north GA mountains this past weekend, and decided to take a quick drive down a badly-mapped forest service road so I could gather data to improve it on OSM.


Right as I decided I’d gone far enough and was pulling into a clearing to turn around, I realized it was actually a campsite, complete with firepit and stacked wood.


But before I mark it on OSM, I think I should find out if it’s an official one or not…

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Today I had the day off so I went for a drive.
I wanted to find roads close to home that I had yet to map (going either direction)
I had a good day. I think over 90% of the 200 miles I mapped was on white roads. This is getting harder and harder to do going from home.
I’d really like to know the direction I covered each road in. I don’t consider them done, complete, until they have at least been mapped going both directions.
Side camera comes into this as well.
I only cover the driver’s side, the left, if I run the side camera at all.
I saw many things close to home I had not seen before.

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A little fun I had while testing out some recent clutch and transfer case repairs…


Suddenly…a cemetery.


Just more wandering through the woods.


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