Date and author have disappeared in the picture

Date and author have disappeared in the right down corner of the picture.
Who had this brilliant idea ?
Was there a vote ?
Those dates are important for mapping. Mapping is difficult enough, we do not need additional clicking around.

Hi @filipc could you please add a screenshot? As I have those on images I’ve checked.

BR, Yaro

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I offer you and your team my humble excuses.
When I maximize the window, I can see it again.

But I am so used having things disappear on Mapillary …

The date information disappears when you have the right sidebar open. This is a design failure, as all the other items in the bottom right stay visible with the sidebar open, it’s only the date box that disappears.

Thanks for reporting! We’ve now made sure the image attribution stays visible even when any sidebars are open.

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