Damage in LG360 lens

When setting up my LG360 cam in Egypt, I accidently dropped it into the desert sand, and it got a scratch in the middle of the lens.

So far I haven’t seen any blurred spots.
But if the scratch will spread out, is there anything I can do about it, or is the camera doomed?

Here’s one of the pics I took shortly after the drop:
The scratch is towards the horses.


There are some tricks where people put grease into the scratch or use a small pencil eraser to remove it. But no matter what you are degrading the lens and may remove anti glare coating. There is no fix but replacing the lens, which may cost more than the camera.

I have an action camera with a scratched lens, and uses it as a secondary camera or backup. The kids are also allowed to play with it.

It is a shame when it happens, but if you use your equipment it may get damaged. But a damaged camera that has taken a lot of awesome pictures is much better than a camera in perfect condition you never use.

As pointed out, buying spare parts is almost impossible. My advice is to receive alert of damaged/for parts used units on ebay and if the lens condition degrades, use the spare parts of that not working unit on it. Frankenstein