Current workflows for uploading via Insta360 x3

I was told that the workflow for downloading / uploading Insta360 x3 footage / photos was a pain in the ass. Sure enough, I tried the basic process of downloading images, exporting them from Insta’s tools, and using the Mapillary Desktop Uploader and everything is on Null Island.

I’m going through prior posts and see many old posts with very complicated workflows.

If you’re using an Insta360 x3, what is your workflow?


Here is my attempt. At the top is the command that works on my PC that I got from the GitHub instructions. I don’t exactly know what went wrong here because it’s not geotagging my video.

Oh and if you are also wondering, here’s some resources and tutorials that I used such as the GitHub which might help you:

Hi @noelhidalgo we now have a way to upload gpx files generated from insta360 x3 using mapillary_tools which simplifies this process, and we are working on bringing this to the Mapillary desktop uploader in the coming weeks also (so you won’t have to do anything with the command line). Thank you for the feature request and stay tuned for the desktop uploader release.


Update: better Insta360 X3 upload support is now available in the Mapillary desktop uploader.

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