CompleteTheMap V

Is it just me, or is a lot of the leaderboard messed up?

I want to see my stats in Huntington, WV, but it and many other locations end up in Billings, MT, which I think is where @chrisbeddow actually is. I didn’t check all locations, but only Melbourne worked for me otherwise. It’s 10 days in—shouldn’t this be working?

Hi @pkoby! It looks like this is a simple error where a geojson from Billings was copied to some other challenges (each challenge has a grid.geojson), so we’ll fix this with a recopy.

It should be fixed up now:

ERROR = 0km

This segment i passed the first. And at the 7 - 8, in the morning I had upload to the Mapillary this content. There are 5+ kilometers on those photos.



Let us look into it. This is likely due to the difference between capture time and the date the image was actually uploaded.

Is today’s rating up to date?
Or is it still processing for 1.06-5.06 dates?
By my calculations, I have a 50+ UKM. But in the ranking table, I have only 5 UKM.


20190601_051017 = START
20190601_065414 = END

08:56 = END UPLOAD

see Your log files

@truevadila you can force reload webpage without cache if the scoring is not updated.

@asturksever I have tried But no change

As I understand, in the rating table, my data for just one day (02.06.2019)

BEST photo from leader :slight_smile:

pls correct quality = 0


We’re looking into this. Thanks for reporting! Scores will be updated sometime this week.



pls fix error




see for fix:,50.47501374359089,30.417359805999265,50.52952490410492&start_time=2019-06-01T00:00:00.000Z&end_time=2019-06-31T23:59:59.000Z

Fixed! Please let me know that it loads as expected, thanks for finding this :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Yes this is not ideal. Will review their imagery and assess accordingly.


how too get TMS-CompleteTheMapV ???

as TMS - .png (for JOSM)
AKA #sequence-layer (






I think, quality from this user - does not equal “1” :frowning: @eneerhut can you correct quality?

Yes agreed and corrected.

I’d say the majority/average of their sequences is 1. But let’s keep an eye out and I can adjust if necessary.