#CompletetheMap is an initiative we launched to make it more fun to capture as much imagery in a given area as possible. A grid is chosen and participants compete to win zones by contributing the most imagery. The CompletetheMap tasks have helped to focus community efforts on a particular part of the city, meaning a denser collection of imagery over a shorter period of time.

To participate in a #CompletetheMap, simply capture imagery within the grid area defined for the location close to you between the predefined dates. If you’d like a mount so that you can secure your phone to your windshield and take photos while you drive, apply for one here.

If you’d like to take part, follow us on Twitter or Facebook and start capturing images in your area. Have fun!

The Rules

How do I participate in "CompletetheMap?

Anyone capturing within the grid will automatically participate. You don’t need to sign up for your images to be counted.

The Grid

The zones will be updated daily with a color reflecting the percentage of roads and paths that have been captured in that zone. Red will represent 20% or less of coverage, yellow between 20% and 80%, and green greater than 80%. We do include the existing coverage in this calculation. This will help draw attention to areas of the map that are yet to be covered.

Rankings & Updates

The page with the capture grid will provide you with live results. You’ll also be able to get updates on Twitter and Facebook.

The Objective
The goal is to complete the map with as much quality, useful imagery as possible.

Invite Friends
If you would like to invite your friends to take part in CompletetheMap, all they have to do is capture within the grid area and they will automatically appear on the leaderboard. If they want to stay updated, make sure they follow the #CompletetheMap hashtag on Facebook and Twitter.

Charge your phones, get your action cameras out, and #CompletetheMap! Have fun exploring the city.

P.S. Nominate your city here if you’d like to see the challenge in your neighbourhood.

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