#CompletetheMap Bengaluru

A challenge to collect imagery in the thriving tech hub of India.

#CompletetheMap is a challenge we launched to capture as much imagery in a given area as possible. A grid is chosen and participants compete to win zones by contributing the most imagery. The challenges have helped to focus community efforts on a particular part of the city, meaning a denser collection of imagery over a shorter period of time.

There is one final change of note. Previous challenges have encouraged individuals to compete to win zones within the grid area. To emphasise the collection of useful map data, this challenge will be a collective effort, meaning the total of imagery collected will be more important than any individual achievements.

Read on for more info on how the dynamics of challenge and information how you can contribute.

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The Challenge

Mapillary’s community in Bengaluru is one the most active in the country and will now be the first in India to host a #CompletetheMap capture challenge. As a high tech, international hub, home to Mapbox and many other innovative companies, it’s the perfect place to encourage comprehensive capture. The community has recommended multiple areas throughout the city that would benefit from new street-level imagery. Bengaluru will thus be the first challenge to have separate grids across different parts of the city, allowing people living in different areas to participate.

To participate in the challenge, simply capture imagery of drivable roads within the grid area between November 28th at 00:00 Bengaluru time and January 31st 23:59. If you’d like a mount so that you can secure your phone to your windshield and take photos while you drive, just comment below.

If you’d like to take part, follow us on Twitter or Facebook and start capturing images in your area. Good luck!

The Rules

How do I enter the challenge?

Anyone capturing within the grid will automatically participate in the challenge. You don’t need to sign up for your images to be counted.

The Grid

The zones will be updated daily with a color reflecting the percentage of roads and paths that have been captured in that zone. Red will represent 20% or less of coverage, yellow between 20% and 80%, and green greater than 80%. In this challenge we’ll be including existing coverage in this calculation. This will help draw attention to areas of the map that are yet to be covered.

Rankings & Updates

We’ll be maintaining a live page with the results that you can visit any time here. As usual, you’ll also be able to get updates on Twitter and Facebook.

How to win
As mentioned above, the dynamics of the Bengaluru challenge will be a little different. The emphasis in this challenge is on the collective achievement of all contributors rather than the individual. The objective will be to complete the map with as much quality, useful imagery as possible.

Invite Friends

If you would like to invite your friends to take part in the challenge, all they have to do is capture within the grid area and they will automatically appear on the leaderboard. If they want to stay updated, make sure they subscribe to our email updates and follow the #CompletetheMap hashtag on Facebook and Twitter.

And we’re off!

Charge your phones, get your action cameras out, and #CompletetheMap Bengaluru! Have fun exploring the city.

P.S. Nominate your city here if you’d like to see the challenge in your neighbourhood. We’ve also open sourced the code for the grid and leaderboard so that you can run the challenge yourself at any time.