Choice of background maps

I would welcome a choice of background maps.
As I am particularly interested in cycling infrastructure and cycle routes I would love to have the OpenCycleMap rendering as an option.

There is a choice of background maps in the webbrowser version, but I don’t think they have the OpenCycleMap as an option

In the (new) web browser viewer I cannot find any choice of maps. There is a Mapbox map and that’s it.
In the Edit menu I can select in addition OSM standard view and Mapbox satellite, but not OpenCycleMap rendering.

You’re right. I see the layers icon when I use the webbrowser version on my tablet, but not when I use my pc,

I noticed that too. Good to see they brought the blue lines, layers and green location marker with image direction back on the map. Hope it will be followed soon in the pc webbrowser versions

As you’ve noticed we don’t have multiple layers in the new viewer (the edit view uses the old viewer, as it just relies on a static image and we haven’t updated it in a while). While the data is OSM data, the style comes from Mapbox and is one of the standard styles they provide, so despite us changing and tweaking the colors, the underlying vector data will be roughly the same. We’re tracking this internally to some basic layers Mapbox provides (e.g. satellite). So, yes, we will support multiple styles in the feature.

Knikel, is the mapview on the mobile browsers a new feature that we can expect on the pc too? I havent noticed those maplayers before. See
At least here the image direction and location markers are functioning. On my pc (W7, Firefox) I dont see any location markers nor image direction anymore in the new viewer.

@ligfietser In this browser we don’t have full WebGL support therefore what you see is - what we call - a fallback map. I’m in the process of debugging the new map so it displays correctly the location on Windows browsers, especially FF and Chrome; IE11 seems to display markers correctly (we have data of current position and compass angle but for unknown reasons it doesn’t render as it should).

Regarding the marker displaying compass angle, this information is not placed in the marker itself but in the bottom left corner of the map as a black arrow on a white background.

This is a temporary workaround until we can build dynamic custom markers with the library we’re using (mapbox-gl-js), I know it’s not a perfect solution and it will be replaced by something like that when there is support for dynamic markers:

Sorry about the inconvenience with that, please bear with us until we fix it.

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Thanks @knikel
I have noticed the appearance of the location marker not only differs between OS (W7, W10) and browsers but also differs between computers with the same OS and browser. On one pc with W10+Firefox or Edge it works, on another with the same configuration it does not render. On both computers the location marker in Chrome works.

About the compass angle, this always points in the same NNE direction, so does not work either.