Black-white background layer on main map?

When browsing the main map on via my PC, I can choose between three vector based layers: Mapzen, Mapbox and Esri.

All three have in comon, that each map style is coloured.

Often I had the wish to explore the mapillary tracks on that map as green lines, but on a black-white / monochrome map,
like it is on

So is it technicallly possible to add a black-white background layer?

I second this and want to add I’d also like to have the map as fullscreen with GPS update every x seconds. So it would be possible to use it in the road as a mapradar to find uncaptured roads nearby.

Didn’t want to wait for the dudes in sweden :wink:
Here we go:


Great job! Thanks @moenk! A common Estonian proverb would suit here perfectly now, roughly translates into “done it yourself, done it well”. :wink:
Hopefully @xerst finds it useful, too.

of course I appreciate the efforts from Moenk! Nice Job!

But will there be a hint now on that users can go to moenk’s website example???

Are there any efforts that a monochrome layer is included on mapillary original map?

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Fantastic @moenk! So simple, yet so helpful.

Would you mind putting the code on something like GitHub, so that others can contribute?

There is a few small things I would like to see:

  • Add a manifest.json so that it can be installed as a “proper” web app on mobile phones.
  • Lighter background map. The current one shows the tracks very nicely, but makes it hard to recognize the streets (especially outdoors).
  • Labels layer on top of the tracks, so that street names can be read on streets that are covered in many tracks.

Nice to hear you like it! It is on GitHub anyway:
Just download the source, change the used TMS to whatever you prefer and upload it to a webspace of your choice. Maybe this is a good choice: - the code for the layer is right there for copy and paste.
Good idea with the web app, I will put it on my todo liste.
Edit: All done.

@moenk, do you have a solution for how to get the geolocation working again without a secure site?

As I don’t have access to the webserver of the university any more, I put the code here: - maybe this already solves the problem?

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