Casio Exilim, GPS far off

I have a pocket camera with GPS that I sometimes use for mapillary (Casio Exilim)
Last sunday I made a small sequence (9 pictures before the battery died) and the GPS coordinates are over 7 km off.
The camera was on long enough to get a gps lock, but it went wrong anyway :frowning:
Does somebody else have experience with this?

I live in Denmark, and once I got some pictures that ended up in Russia. The GPS had locked on, but just needed a little more to get it right. I have also tried that single points of a track (used to geotag images) have been completely wrong.

What we should understand is, that a GPS receiver is not magic. It revives some very faint radio signals which it transforms into numbers. These numbers are used to solve some equations. When the receiver thinks it has solved them with a given precision it says it has locked on. But if you are unlucky, often when running on a minimum of satellites, the receiver cannot tell the difference between solving the equations well enough and receiving several signals so poorly they have error in them.

My suggestion is that you learn how good your GPS is. This may be a once in a thousand error. But if it is not, you may have to give it more time, even after it has locked on. It also helps to go a little away from buildings are trees. The more sky it can “see” the more satellites it can get a signal from, and thus getting a fast and precise signal.

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The camera has some more issues. To save power i shuts down, and after that the gps has to get a lock again. But now I made sure that the camera/gps was on the whole time.
I will log the track with my phone the next time, just to be sure

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