Capturing in fog

Looking for general consensus.

I spent about an hour this morning on a winding/hilly country road that has a posted limit of 100kph. The fog had me spending most of my time at 50-60kph. I was surprised how well the wide angle capture went, the many warning roadsigns would have no problem being recognized. The centre of view was of course a white mass.

Is this capture useful, or should it be dumped?

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I’d say it’s useful. It’s nature’s semantic segmentation for you. So long as your gps signal was decent.

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Yes, it is usefull. You have mentioned the mapipng related uses, but you are also showing the landscape in the conditions you mention. To me it would make perfectly sense to redo the same landscapes every 2-3 months, because everything changes all the time with season and just years passing.

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Okay so worth uploading. The particular location has been covered by me (in both directions) 8 times over 3 years…

This begs another question. My setup before the BlackVue was a webcam that created 70deg FOV 1280x720 images only 1 every 2 seconds. I have just done some work to get it up to 2.5FPS with the possibility of eventually facing it rearward. Meanwhile it is pointed in the same direction as the BlackVue. Is it worth uploading these? 1FPS is enough for the roadsign recognition over 3 frames.

If the images are different I would call it worth uploading. Vegetation may have changed, the time of year may be different. It does not take much.
Regarding framerate it depends on your speed and what you want. My camera only does 1 frame every 2 sec. If I want more I need to do video and use the Python scripts for extracting a reasonable amount of images. If you want each sign in 3 images, try to look at them. Is it enough?