Capturing both with 360 and directional camera

I was curious whether GoPro Max 360 offers resolution on par with Hero 11 - and if not, whether it would make any sense to run two cameras like that at the same time.

A quick comparison shows that yes, it does make sense, as Hero 11 offers better resolution, which can be crucial for signs etc.
Small article at richlv's Diary | Comparing GoPro Hero11 and Max360 | OpenStreetMap .

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As Koninklijke is a modest man, I will answer for him.
Under username konink360 captures 360 and Hero at the same time.
It is very useful to me.

The filter in Mapillary is too bad.

What’s bad about the filter, in which location?

Is it not possible to add several users.
It is not possible to give different dates for panoramic and flat pictures.

This all seems far sought, but I could have used it.

Thank you for the feedback!

In Windows Edge, type the first user name in the filterbox, upon acceptance a new empty name box will appear where you can enter the second user name.

I somehow remembered that it was possible, but probably the response times were too high.