"Beta signup in progress"

Today the Play Store app told me that I had updates. I noticed that Mapillary was one of them (3.122), so I started the install, but then noticed that it said “Beta signup in progress. It takes a few minutes.” I had signed up for the beta program a long time ago.

So, a few questions:

  • Was 3.122 released to beta just now, or a few weeks ago?
  • Has anyone seen this type of behavior from the Play store before?
  • Should I leave the beta program and then join it again?

Expiring minds want to know…

It also shows the same message for me on the play store. I’ve also registered a long time ago (but never checked if I was signed up)

But it doesn’t show an update for me, neither on the app’s page nor in “My apps and games”. I’m on 3.121.

Are you sure about the .122 update? I’ve just checked appannie and it shows that .121 is the latest version too (last update yesterday).
Or .122 was just uploaded a short while ago so that it came to this error and just isn’t shown on appannie yet.

I registered for the beta a long time ago, and it did used to say that I was in the beta program.

I think the Play store doesn’t make the latest version available to everyone at the same time. You might not see it for a day or two. But yes, I have 3.122 installed now.

Oh, didn’t know that.

I have 2 Android phones and app updates don’t always show up on the same day on them.

For beta release we’re pushing the app to everybody at the same time.

For production release we are doing staged rollouts: 20%/50%/100%. In two days everyone should be able to install the new version.

v3.122 is now in production - 100% rollout

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Why staged rollouts ?
To be on the safe side or because of a computer that can not handle it ?

@filipc Just to be on the safe side.

To get back to the beta topic - I’ve just tapped “join beta group” in the Mapillary app again and it seems like I wasn’t registered anymore. It showed the “Become a tester” button as if I never registered. @JackTheRipper - in case you haven’t already of course - check if you’re still registered too. Maybe they changed something that threw out users out of the beta program for some reason or something.

Yeah, that did it. Thanks @cageythree.