Bad traffic sign icons

When I click on a traffic sign group a popup appears which allows to select an individual sign from the group. The popup does not contain traffic sign icons but part of the waypoint icon:

The same icon appears in the traffic sign filter dialogue. My environment: Firefox 45.8.0, Debian Stretch

If you file your bug report at the Mapillary developers will look at it and prioritize it. They don’t always some by the forum.

Before filing a bug report I prefer to post my problem in the forum. In many cases it turns out that a problem is not an general issue but can be solved by the user e.g. by clearing the cache, deleting cookies… Creating a bug report in these cases would overload the bug management system.

I wait a bit and if the problem does not disappear I will file a bug.

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@ray66 thank you for your consideration! As it is right now, I am the bug management system in a lot of cases :smiley: (Management being the operative word here, while solutions, of course, come from our developers).

Please feel free to open a thread in mapillary_issues for this. To clarify, this happens to you every time, not just occasionally?

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