Any merchandise available?


Hi Folks,

Is there somewhere we can get magnetic stickers for our vehicles or t-shirts for our sweaty bodies? I want to promote Mapillary as much as possible. I have already had a couple of folks ask what I am up to and some stickers or a self print promo brochure might help drum up some more users.

Any online resources? I can see some mapathons or workshop participants have t-shirts but I cant find anything online.

Cheers - Phil
The man from down under down under…


Hey, @tastrax - we’ll be glad to send you a t-shirt and some stickers, which constitute the standard items that we use for promotion purposes :wink: You should send your address to, and mention your shirt size.

And you can use our print-at-home flyer template. It’s intended to work so that you can print double-sided and cut into half.

Car magnets we haven’t thought of so far but the idea is worth considering! :slight_smile:


Brilliant - all sorted!


By the way… Is the flyer available in more languages than english?

Or is that something you would like help with?


OK, I also found some ‘magnetic paper’ in A4 size that allows me to print up a sign! Any chance the marketing folks can make up a suitable sign along the lines of the t-shirts (like the one…‘Street level photos for all’ but with the URL as well?)


Is the magnetic paper waterproof?

I found this online:


Vistaprint’s car magnets works well on vehicles. I’ve seen many small companies here around who use them.


I don’t reckon it’s waterproof as it can be printed on any home printer.


Then I think Vistaprint is the better option. More durable and almost the same price


Hi, Katrin.

Just about to restart uploading imagery; are t-shirts and stickers still available, to publicise Mapillary?




Hi @chris_debian - yes, we’d be happy to send :slight_smile: Can you email your address and shirt size to, please?


Thanks, Katrin; will do.