Magnets and stickers?

Hey Mapillary team. Do you have magnets or stickers that we can stick on our car or helmet so that captures will have the sticker visible??

We’re working on a T-shirt per your request, magnets and stickers sound fun too! Let me look into it :slight_smile:

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cc: @abryant22 for thoughts :slight_smile:

Stickers and magnets are a great idea to make it visible during multiple use cases! We’ll incorporate these into the work for the mapping t-shirt.

There used to be some merch in 2017/18. I think Mapillary have stickers to give out at events, eg SOTM.

For magnets, there is (was?) a CMYK pdf on the help portal with logos - I’ve ordered car magnets based on these and they look good

Yes, FYI the logos are available at Press Kit

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