Android Video recording app with GPS


After some video tests with RoadRecorder PRO, I found this to be a useful simple app for those that are interested in an app that does video recording with GPS. No need to adjust the GPS track with this app. After testing numerous dashcam apps, this is the best one I found that can work with Mapillary due to the GPS format and plenty of video codec options.

Device tested with: Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900P) running Android 6.0.1

PRO Version Cost: $2.49 USD


  • Video and GPS are already synced in real time. No need to adjust GPS at upload to Mapillary.
  • GPS files available in KML and GPX formats.
  • If app is interrupted or crash due to overheating, that video at that time is lost.

Curious to see if anyone else using this?


Thanks for sharing @Caboosey
Might give it a go when I’m driving again. Also interested to see who else has tried this or similar video recording apps.


@travel193 no problem. Some of the other apps I ran into only did kml and not gpx.


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You want Mapillary in the places you seldom drive through, but there the risk of accidents is higher.


The app looks impressive! I’ve been studying different types of car apps for a long time and it’s a topic I’m really interested in. Have you ever thought how much does it cost to build an app for drivers? I found an article about that
It’s an interesting information for those who want to create a new product on the market.


I’m creating a test application and want to test out the idea before employing a great deal of features. Which explains why I want to use Cocospy as numerous default applications as possible.

I want to use the standard camera software intent MediaStore.ACTION_VIDEO_CAPTURE to record a video.

I would then like to concurrently start saving GPS and time press knowledge to the repository or a file.

And then stop saving the GPS and time stamp data when the concentration results to my principal activity.


FoneLab Video Recorder is also worth a try