An unforeseen Mapillary expense

I cleaned my car windscreen and the wipers (before I drove away).
I just did let a wiper go by its own spring and it broke my windscreen.

I though there was a mistake in the tempering of the glass, but the repairman said that this is a common problem. Why did no one tell me ?

300 euro did it cost me.

My vehicle insurance allows windscreen replacement at zero additional cost. I get stone chips and cracks, one in front of camera lens. Have replaced 4 screens in 3 years.

I have only used laminated, not tempered in 30 years. I don’t think tempered is allowed in Australian vehicles.

I though all glass was tempered. I have blown glass, but for the rest, I know nothing about it.
Non reflective glass would be great for me.
Did anyone try black paper under the camera against the reflection ?

Tempered is the break into chunks type. Laminated is glass, plastic, glass I think. I think in Australia tempered was deemed unsafe for front windows in vehicles.

I have a flat black cloth on top of the dashboard that helps. The black paper method isn’t that useful with wide angle cameras. I did find that a sunshade for the lens made a useful difference. Outside the vehicle would be my choice but theft is a problem. Driving down sun also helps.

How big are your windshield wipers, @filipc? I’m with ya, that doesn’t seem right. I don’t that’s common since windshields are meant to take all sorts of punishment.

The rubbers are 67 cm and the total is 77 cm.
The right wiper is the same length as the left one. That is an extra Mapillary cost, and one of the tricks I want to share in the ultimate guide to mapillary movie.