Accomplished: Request for help for those with 5.10.15

UPD: We do already have an answer.

Hello community,
It’s Yaro, Mapillary Android app developer.

We might have an issue in version 5.10.15 of the app. Only 15% of users have this version, thus we are searching for those who have it and might be willing to provide some feedback.

How to help:
If you have 3+ uploaded sequences, open the camera and click the back button. This will open the Uploads screen where you will see a rating prompt. Please click the “Rate us” button and let us know in the comments whether you see a floating window for feedback?

Many thanks.

Best Regards,

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PS The system can block the popup if you’ve already rated the app.

Oneplus 8T with version 2023.01.26-5.10.15. The play store rating windows pops up.

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I am very grateful for your feedback. We’ve been chasing this popup for a week :smile:

Have an amazing day :slight_smile:

BR, Yaro