ABASK A8 4K Dashcam GPS data not found using mapillary uploader

Hello All.

I have a Abask A8 4K dashcam but the mapillary uploader (v 4.0.4 and beta v 4.1.7) can’t find the GPS data in it.
When playing it back using the HIT GPS Player then you do see the GPS position so it’s available in the video meta data.
Does anybody else have this issue?
Any suggestions what I can do to make this work with mapillary uploader?


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Hi there, thanks for letting us know. Can you share a sample video file either publicly or via direct message?

Here you go. Dropbox - 20230619151551_0006030A.MP4 - Simplify your life

Windows Mediaplayer and even the MP4 player in Dropbox (GUI login) show date, time and GPS info

Super, thank you. I can confirm that I see GPS data using the HIT GPS player (I used the mac version). I also confirmed that exiftool (which we use under the hood) does not parse the GPS data. I’ve reached out to the exiftool team to see if they can add support which we will then incorporate. Stay tuned, and thank you again for the video sample!


@Dashcam - unfortunately it looks like this dashcam encrypts the GPS data and no-one has found a way to read it yet. Here is a thread on the exiftool forum about that. There looks to be a workaround which may work on some Android phones discussed in the forum. I’ve also reached out to see if the company would be willing to share the source code for how to decrypt and read the GPS data.

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Boris, look at the last msg: Getting the GPS track from video file.

Yes, unfortunately that only works on Android (not on desktop) - and doesn’t seem like it helps in this case, you can see an updated discussion at Feature request: Parse GPS from ABASK A8 4K Dashcam