A look at mileage stats

I pay a very little bit of attention to the mileage statistics. I noticed this morning after I had uploaded some of yesterday’s pictures during the night that I might hit the 50 million meter mark today. I had 48.9 million before I started taking pictures today.
By lunch time today I had gotten all but one phone/camera emptied out. So I restated one phone so it would sync and I could see how I was doing numberswis.
I had been looking, for and finding, white roads to turn green.
Here is a screen shot of my stats at noon.

Something behind the scenes must have changed.
I traveled less than 200 miles all day today. There is no way my mileage jumped that high.
It has taken me since November to reach 49.8 million meters. Now I show 82 million!?
I see that right now I have 63 million meters.
Someone is playing about.

Notice the number of pictures goes up while the mileage decreases.

Question for you…
When using metric system of measuring distance do you still refer to milage?

Here is what my home page looks like this morning on the S6.

My mileage is back down by about 30 million meters.

Tonight, after again mapping around 200 miles tonight my mileage is lower than it was a week ago!

@JBTheMilker thanks for sharing this. We’ve been having some trouble with mileage calculation, in part due to our sequence bot that cuts sequences with a large gap between photos.

Have you had any notifications recently about the sequence bot cutting your sequences? This would explain the rise and then the drop when the sequence bot was brought online again.

Yes, I get several notifications every day.
For a while now all my picture gave been stitched, taken with the app.
I seldom post real pictures to Mapillary any more.

This morning, on all 4 phone/cameras I am back to having gone two meters for every meter i was credited with yesterday.
Jumping 30+ million meters gives one a good feeling.