Wondering if a z-axis mechanical stabilizer might be something to buy? DON'T!

I bought this one:

The idea is nice. BUT looking at the video again I feel misled. the image is stable, Yes. But thanks to the electronic gimbal attached. Not thanks to the stabilizer I bought!

I have tried adjusting the strength of the spring in all possible ways… it’s just crap. Short shocks it absorbs, yes. But One needs stabilization in walking etc. And when I look closely you can see the person really tries to walk as fluently as possible to not show that.

The only way it might help is on a bicycle, to absorb short shocks… maybe?

Anyway… want one? I don’t use it, for € 20 (excl. shipping) it’s yours :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think any aliexpress gimball (or even a more expensive one) would not be very necessary if you have decent electronic stabilisation, like most modern cameras

Such dampeners are known from the SteadiCam movie camera stabilization system. They relies on a lot of expensive mechanics, training of the user and the inertia of a 30-60 kg camera. A smart phone weighs nothing in comparison, and even though a system would be possible, they don’t have the weight to dampen in any significant way. So you are absolutely right: This cannot work.