Which areas to map? How to get it?

I’m really enjoying the sequences artguard is uploading from the Caucasus @Amiga4000

My opinion - more priority to roads and footways, witch not covered by Google Maps:

  • unofficial paths in city
  • suburban forests - the quality of surface of forest tracks will be intresting for cyclists
  • gates in diffirent fences - a photo and acccess tags in OSM much better, than only access tags. We have many fenced allotments area in Moscow oblast, and opportunity of access constantly changed.
  • construction sites - good for time travel.
  • industrial railways (only if it is not forbidden to walk, depends on local laws).

I want to be able to explore the mapillary map while driving so I can plan my mapping route based on which streets are not mapped yet


I like to see where my home area/neighbourhood isn’t on mapillary yet so I map here. Eg I can see that a part of the forest nearby is mapped by someone here- bike I think , so I avoid that area. I like historical buildings, which might disappear, and nature walks and suburban houses , lanes and streets. It all changes in time.


I like that idea. Ideally I’d be able to create a route via Google Maps and it’s directions feature. It already lets me drag and moving my routing, add points, etc. If I could impose a layer showing a Mapillary photos map w/ filtering, and save the route, it’d be nice. I could throw the phone on the bike and hit streets that I haven’t been up or down in the last month or drive a route to Nashville that involves zigzagging on some secondary roads that haven’t been covered yet.


@allen, there’s already talk about adding a Mapillary layer to OsmAnd, and maybe a routing engine that can take existing Mapillary sequences into account when creating a route:

Mapillary layer in OsmAnd (scroll down to @Sandra’s comment).

Project OSRM http://project-osrm.org/ uses OSM maps and has a similar drag-route capability to Google Maps, although ever since they dropped Imperial conversion from their routing demo system, I’ve found it a lot harder to use and fall back to Google Maps more often than I like (which is to say, most of the time now). Which sucks, because I’d rather use an OSM-based router to work on OSM-based stuff, and OSRM also has a nifty GPX export function that is lacking in Google Maps (yes, I know about other websites that will take a Google Maps route URL and convert it to a GPX file).


This is what I do: I have a look on my mapradar http://r.geo.hu-berlin.de/~moenkemt/mapillary/mapradar.html and try to take roads that are not covered yet.


Wow. Thank you @jackTheRipper and @moenk. I put those on my list to dig into more and understand what I can do with them.

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We are indeed working on our own routing tool, hope to get it to you soon so that you can easily explore the unexplored. :smile:


I’ve finally been able to use the new map-in-camera feature on my Android devices – and I’m LOVING it! It still needs some tweaking to be perfect such as zoom controls and routing to unmapped roads in general would be a great plus and to previously specified unmapped roads even better. But it’s really great already for being able to find the unmapillaried roads much more easily. On top of this it can also make the capturing viewfinder small which is a definitive plus for increased traffic safety while driving…

I’ve tried it a few times, and have had problems where it seems to cause Mapillary to lock up or otherwise stop taking sequences. I haven’t had the time to do any detailed troubleshooting and testing yet, though. If you think you have that happen to you, too, let me know so we can coordinate testing it and write up one comprehensive bug report.

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I’ve experienced the app to freeze a few times too (now that you mention your problem). I’ve thought that it has been related to the phone over heating (which it has). So, I’m guessing that my problem is different than yours. But who knows.

FWIF: The times I’ve had the problem I’ve moved the phone for a few minutes into my “traditional” (vertical) phone holder that I’ve attached to the car air vent in the middle of the dashboard. With AC on the phone will cool pretty well in just 2-4 minutes.

I don’t think it’s an overheating problem–at least, not the problem I’ve experienced. At least some of the time, I’ve had my windshield defroster running with cold air, and the phone felt fine. The app usually will eventually recover, but it takes time.

Have you noticed it with other apps? My aging iTouch, 5th gen, occasionally freezes. A better way of saying is that it’s a long pause, sometimes 2 or 3 minutes. I have a couple games I play on it here and there so I notice it. In playing around, I realize it happens when those apps aren’t running. It’s some other combo of apps and/or iOS.

Soooooooo… maybe this is something other than the Mappillary app? It’s just that it’s the one thing you have open on your phone for long periods of time so you notice the pause. Afterall if it’s doing that while you’re at work and it’s sitting on your desk, you won’t notice that it got stuck for a minute or three.

Or it’s the app.

I can’t confirm that it happens with other apps. AFAICT, it only seems to be Mapillary.

The shooting itself seems to work well for me, both on iphone and ipad.
But sometimes when I try to upload the pics, using a shaky connection, the app freezes and I need to restart it. So now I try to wait until I reach either a 4G area or a wifi, before uploading.

@JackTheRipper and @Patrick, feel free to open issues on Github if you feel there are systematic errors.

Hi Jack in Georgia, here’s another boring sequence from Oregon, a trip to the landfill.

Everything is interesting.


Updated URL for MapRadar: https://geoclub.de/mapillary/mapradar.html (using https because Chrome wants it so)


What an excellent site, I didn’t know it!