What is #mapillaryWalk?

I got an email eluding to some #MapillaryWalk tomorrow. I can’t find any information on it. Why isn’t there a blog post?

I ask because it’s things like this that are easy to share with people. For example, at work there’s a constant push to encourage people to be active. This would be perfect to share with them. I’d rather not be the only user in Tennessee after all. :smile:

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My guess is that it is a photo contest like #mapillaryAutumn but tomorrow we will know more

Hi @allen,

Great to hear that you are excited about #MapillaryWalk. In just a few hours we will be sending out an email to all our community members about the Mapillary Challenge. If you want a sneak peak, here is the site: https://www.mapillary.com/challenges/mapillarywalk

I’m looking forward to see your walk!!

Our new challenge #MapillaryWalk is live. We are working on minor improvements before communicating to all Mapillary members. Would love to hear your thoughts and see your walks in the challenge!


Thank you . I see I was just a bit too exicted and mistook the date. I shared the contest with the fit yammer group. Knock on wood a couple folks will catch the bug. We could use as there are some wonderful hikes right next door in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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I was also really excited, so I grabbed my camera and made a nice lunchwalk and toke some pictures. Is there a maximum for how many sequence you may nominate?

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bike sequences are allowed? :slight_smile:

On the internet, nobody knows you’re a bike.

hahah yeah sure!, but in some photos always you can look the brake cables :frowning:

I think they should be disqaulified, but because @peter started it, I don’t see that happen

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I agree, biking is not the best of modes, but I don’t think you get necessarily better sequences by biking anyway?

Walking you have more possibilities to take every picture as you want and almost take every route you want, so walking definitely gives good flexibility for great sequences. A car is like a moving tripod and can also make great sequences. Bike is harder, because it vibrates more and mounted on the steer / handlebar it is hard to shoot in a straight line, so yes i think biking is not the best of modes ! On the other hand doesn’t a bike drool on the lens :stuck_out_tongue: @de_vries

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Hey people, don’t you have more walks to nominate? I already have 7 #MapillaryWalks and I am sitting on 9 more of which I really want to nominate 2.
But it feels pathetic to have 20% of all nominations (In my defense, this week I have a sick child at home who needs to get out sometimes)

I’m waiting for my sequence to be uploaded. My first sequence ( proud !!)then I’ll nominate it. I hope it meets the deadline !

It sure will, good luck with it!

edit: it is already uploaded http://www.mapillary.com/map/im/x5Tn_wZaLnBa-_wfMEliZg/photo

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Making a good walk sequence requires free time and daylight and correct weather at the same moment. This does not happen often for me. But do not refrain from mapping if you can!

It is not your fault if you are a great MapillaryWalker :smile: This one looks like it comes from a Hollywood movie : https://www.mapillary.com/challenges/mapillarywalk/pD4RrsKH3jm4s6f5LagJhQ

Thanks, feel free to vote, it’s just on the 8th place :wink: