Vuze XR 360° Camera

I have a possibility to test Vuze XR camera, and I want to share my experience with you.

Sample of the 360° photo you can found here —

At current time I found two issues for mapillary users:
— you should use smartphone to save GPS coordinates, yep, this camera doesn’t have own GPS :frowning:;
— GPS coordinates saved in XMP tags, and mapillary doesn’t recognize it;

To be continued…


First impression:
In the image, are those smudges?
The ISO was a bit high? (A bit dark weather?) The image looks relatively grainy…

This camera used for testing mobile applications for year. As result - many small scratches on the lenses :frowning:
Yep, today is cloudy. I will try get this camera again, when weather will sunny.

better than expected, but certainly no top performer.
old technology after all