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I was used to import pictures into mapillary using my phone.

I bought a Garmin VIRB 360. The images I take are fine, and i can display the images in Virb Edit.

But for the moment the tries i have done to import them into Mapillary were not good … instead of showing a 360 all the images are compressed into a standard frame…

And even the GPS coordinates were not well processed : all the locations are in the first part of the trip…

I don’t have any Iphone, just an Android…So i can’t use the app… I followed the steps indicated here
I uploaded a mp4 movie with an image every 5 second, together with a gpx file that should contain the coordinates. This export is done in Virb Edit…

Can anyone give me indications on how to correctly import?

Thanks so much

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I don’t know if the Mapillary upload tool will recognize 360 degree videos (it may or may not), which may explain why the images is not seen as a such.

My guess regarding geo tagging is, that Mapillary may expect the video to be a normal video with 24 or 30 frames pr sec. When you only have a frame every 5 seconds, it will probably skip most of the pictures, if I am right.

If the Garmin can capture ordinary jpgs I will definately recommend that you do that. Most important they usually have a much better resolution than a movie and Mapillarys tools should handle 360 degree images well. I cannot see for sure in the manual, but try to set photo mode to timelapse.

If the Garmin will not tkae jpgs automatically, but only put them into a movie, then:

  1. It is not a good camera for Mapillary.
  2. You can use a tool to split the video into separate jpgs AND make sure the exif timestamp in each file corresponds to the time it was taken. I.e. the start time of the movie + 5*framenumber. That is not hard if you have experience writing scripts - I do not know if any tools exists already.

will you could download exiftool from ExifTool by Phil Harvey and try to run the command:
exiftool your-movie.mp4 > exif.txt
Then post exif.txt here. Then I will try to look at what Mapillary sees when it gets the movie. It may give some hints.

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Any updates on the Virb 360? Does mapillary support 360 images or video from this camera?

Yes the new firmware of the Virb 360 now produces the good image size.

I succeeded to take pictures ( not a movie, but one image every 2 second), and upload it to mapillary…

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Excellent. Thank you. Do you have any 360 sequences you would be willing to share that were taken with this cam?


Hey, coming back to this thread. Could you share some sequences you’ve made using it?