Verifying - CCTV cameras

Just as a general warning. When verifying CCTV cameras (for example through, often you will see object that might look like CCTV/traffic cameras around traffic lights, but that actually aren’t.

These are radar devices. They’re mostly used to measure the number of vehicles passing. While radars can roughly detect objects, they are not visual and can not detect license plates, faces, etc. So they are not CCTV cameras.

Sometimes they can be difficult to distinguish from actual cameras, but there are a few rules of thumb:

  • Radars are normally square, while cameras commonly have a round opening.
  • Radars are normally more wide than they are deep (more like a box), while cameras are normally deeper (more like a cylinder).

A good example of such a radar device can be seen here:

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In Denmark many of the radas have a white box and dark front and not the sun shade in the example.
I think it can help using the full screen feature, press f, to see the whole picture. And in general be aware that the algorithm may award points wronly when enough people are wrong, but we are doing this for a greater good and not points.

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