Unfriendly neighbourhood


This is why I do some surveys on a cold 1 of january.

A camera crew is attacked by a stone thrower in Brussels. Let’s call him David.



And as thanks an OSM moderator deleted my note to map the shops before it was three months old.


Also in the Netherlands there are neighbourhoods you’d better avoid with your 360 camera :roll_eyes:


When I’m in a known risky neighborhood I mount a single camera not hidden but less visible. I avoid circling around the same area but may make multiple pases over many days instead.

But as @ligfietser example shows, stuff may happen when not expected. I had my only encounter just at my old school. A place I have always known to be safe for many years. I took a picture of the main building of the area but some guys setting at a bench did not like it at all. They were litterally sitting in the middle of the main image that portraits this area, and only took up a few blurry pixels on my shot, but they got quite angry.


This is a big problem in Brazil / Rio de Janeiro, specially in shanty towns / favelas. Even Google doesn’t have such areas.

I believe the only way to get some images would be with a partnership with the police, mounting cameras in their cars.


They did some imagery with police escort. Here for example:

I remember seeing photos where they were escorted by police cars in what looked like a really really bad area as well, don’t remember where it was though.