Two tile servers

So now I have painstakingly compared the turbo-overpass query results with the Mapillary map coverage.
Then I though to do the same trick as in Brouter in Turbo Overpass.
That works, but then I loose the OSM background.

Then I tried in Mapcontrib.
There no tile server can be added.

The same problem with

Then I have a supplemental question =
In Turbo Overpass, how do I give the defibrillators with and without a mapillary tag a different colour ?

Of course the problem remains that defibrillators are new and Mapillary is old.
I still wil have to go to the Mapillary website to click on a green point.

Should Mapillary not allow Turbo Overpass results on its map ?

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this might get more responses on the osm forum/mail list/chat

Are you suggesting we allow adding a custom layer to the site? I don’t think that would work well.

It might be simplest to set up a simple Leaflet web map with Mapillary tiles on it, then add the GeoJSON of Turbo Overpass data on it.

Are you adding any Mapillary related tags to the defibrillators? In pic4review, the developer Adrien was adding the Mpaillary image link to the items that are reviewed with Mapillary, so you can see that it has an image associated with it. Doing this with defibrillators means you could then set the color to be different depending if they have a photo associated.